Bet my bottom dollar

I saw my GP yesterday at 38 weeks and was bracing myself for another trip to the hospital but everything was fine. My blood pressure was 130 over something, which was a minor miracle considering how worried I was, and there was just a trace of protein in my urine. (I took the precaution of showering before I gave my sample, not sure if that helped or not.) Dr B was fairly relaxed about everything and said I was in great shape. She drew a U curve of blood pressure in pregnancy and said it’s perfectly normal to have a slight increase at this stage, especially if you are over 35. Ditto the swollen feet.

As I’m going back to the hospital consultant for my last few weeks instead of alternating between the local midwife and GP, I probably won’t see Dr B again until I have a little baby in my arms, which is both terrifying and exciting.

On a lighter note, my sister has arranged a family sweepstakes on my due date. Everyone, including my other sister’s dog, has drawn two dates within my likely range. The winner gets the princely sum of €14.

In my early pregnancy, the dog was constantly sticking her nose in my crotch as if she was trying to tell me something was going on. I could walk across the room and she would keep her nose in there, forcing me to stagger like John Wayne. Lately, she’s been completely disinterested in both my crotch and me in general, maybe surmising that even a stupid human must be able to work out she’s pregnant with a belly the size of mine.

As it happens, the dog now has a prime stake in my pregnancy, as she’s drawn my actual due date of 3 April. Not sure what she would spend her winnings on.

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