Or not…

The day ward have sent me home after all, not sure what to think of this. Yesterday’s doctor gave me blood pressure medication and it seems to have done the trick –  three readings were down to the late 130s today. That, combined with a perfect baby trace and the fact that there was no protein in my urine today (it’s a bit bewildering how variable these protein readings are), meant the (different) doctor was happy to leave things for now.

I need to go in again on Monday morning for another checkup, bag in tow just in case. Although it’s a public holiday, the antenatal ward will be open and the midwives there will be able to help. I’m also due to get an internal exam to see if there’s any movement (I suspect not). It’s unlikely I will be allowed to go full term due to my age, the IVF and the other problems, so they want to see what’s happening cervix-wise.

I met a girl in the day ward yesterday who has had pre-eclampsia with all three of her babies. Her protein readings are something like +4, as a comparison. She’s around 33 weeks now and, due to some other blood reading increasing over the week, was expecting to be kept in the antenatal ward (aka the 10th circle of hell) last night. I bumped into her again today and she was on the verge of tears, as they’ve decided she needs to stay in the antenatal ward for the next two weeks until they do a section. She has two children at home and was not ready for this at all. My heart went out to the poor woman. Apart from the seriousness of her condition, I’m not sure how you’d maintain your sanity in that ward for a whole two weeks.

A bit anticlimactical on my side but I’m happy not to be induced and to be healthy. And the baby is doing fine, which is the main thing.

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8 Responses to Or not…

  1. jebhow515 says:

    I was 41 when I had E and I went to 41 weeks 5’days. I wouldn’t let them induce simply bc I was “elderly”. I was also soooooo swollen. That for me was the worst part.

    • It’s very confusing, especially when you get conflicting opinions. Though I know they are probably just being careful. The swollen feet are a bore and do make you feel ‘elderly’. Am still feeling healthy though, which makes me want to wait.

  2. Glad to hear that things improved and you’re on your way home!

    • And another upside is that it’s almost obligatory to eat chocolate this weekend! I empathise with your bra-fitting horrors, though in the opposite way. When I was a teenager I went to a local lingerie shop to get fitted and, again in front of the whole shop, the woman boomed “But there’s hardly anything there at all!” I didn’t go for another fitting for years and years. (In contrast, I stopped by Marks on the way home from the hospital on Thursday to get a nursing bra, thinking I was to be induced the next day, and the girl couldn’t have been nicer.)

      • Yep bra shopping is always horrible, especially when you’re pregnant/emotional/insecure! Oh well, hopefully this one will keep me going for a while. Enjoy chocolate whilst you can still eat it without having to share it with a whiny toddler :)

  3. Great to hear you are healthy and going home. Hope you have lots of chocolate and your appointment goes well today

    • My appointment was fine today and they’ve decided to induce on Wednesday. It’s actually nice to have some certainty now after all the toing and froing. Well done on getting through the weekend and handling yourself so well at such a horrible time. You’ve reminded me once again how strong and brave women are :-)

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