The breasts that keep on giving

I had a mammogram today (all fine), as a follow-up to my mastitis bouts earlier in the year. The technician warned me that I might leak some milk, even though I finished expressing on 1 August, and so I did, from both breasts. I was a tiny bit melancholy, as I never expected to see that again. The technician told me it happens to some women years and years after they’ve last nursed, which must be extremely weird. Breasts are mysterious things.

On other medical news, I still haven’t done anything about my blood pressure. I want to have another 24-hour test done but haven’t organised myself enough yet and haven’t gotten my bloods done either. All on the list, along with getting a bit more exercise. I’m back spinning, though. As my local gym changed the timetable, my friend and I accidentally ended up one evening in a HIIT class, doing weights, which I’ve never done before. The old elbows were in bits the next day. I still have the post-pregnancy joint pain, especially in my wrists and elbows, so I suspect there are still a lot of pregnancy hormones floating around my little body.

And I haven’t had a period yet, not sure if this is normal or not 10 weeks after stopping expressing. I’m sad I won’t have another baby, for both my son and me, but I know I’m very lucky with what I have. So, part of me wouldn’t care if my AWOL period means I’m going into menopause, as this old womb has done its job.

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