Fertility songs

So far, my follicles and I have managed to see the light side most of the time but sometimes you just need a song to get you through.

The follicles of Ovarian HQ were feeling hurt and rejected when they composed this one:

However, despite the fact that, after three IUIs, I went over their heads in favour of IVF intervention, they were still rooting for me at frozen embryo transfer number 2:

They also understand the bittersweet time that is the two week wait, when you are in happy ignorance of the result to come and trying hard to avoid those IVF due date calculators:

But sometimes, this process is just heart-breaking. This song was for Barren Betty after her sad miscarriage. Little did I know the same fate awaited me.

Then, in much happier times, the follicles of Ovarian HQ did their best a cappella to celebrate my reaching 12 weeks:

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